• We started our activity since 1997 as a Familiar Company. Its main activity was hospital tenders. To enlarge our activities and to start distribution of drugs and medical accessories to hospitals, pharmacies, warehouses, hypermarkets and drogeries we created ICN&BM Company.
  • Pharmaceutical company “ICN&BM” exists since beginning of the year 2007.
  • Primary business occupancy as an importing wholesaler is trading and distribution of drugs and medical accessories. Mainly takes care for marketing and distribution and cover all Kosovo market and markets outside Kosovo. Even though we exist for a short period we succeeded to take important position on Kosovo drugs market. For this success we have to thank to our highly experienced employees, as well as to prosperous cooperation with pharmaceutical companies well known in Kosovo and foreign countries.
  • The Company has its own building with over 1000 sqm of working space. Building is designed and built to fulfill all regulations and standards for purpose of trade and distribution of drugs and medical accessories, and it is licensed from Kosovo Medicines Agency.
  • Significant role and importance for such growth has our success in supplying governmental health institutions (hospitals, ambulances, health insurance institutes etc). Participation of this turnover went from 2% to 25% of total turnover.
  • Within 2014, ICN&BM Company opened 5 pharmacies in several cities of Kosovo.



“To become the most respectable and trusted company in the Kosova pharma market.”


“To develop pharma business in Kosovo up to European standards by offer the widest possible range of quality products needed in Kosovo health field, through a Just in Time” distribution network.


To launch new branded pharmaceutical products,
To grow sales of existing products
To offer Kosovo health high quality and medical products as efficiently as possible.